It is strongly encouraged that pet owners hire a pet sitter to come to their homes a number of times a day to provide for the needs of their pets. Sometimes, they also have to ask them to live in your home if you’re going to away for an extended period of time.

You have to make your pets familiar with this setting, which is far less stressful than moving him to a kennel. Your dog is also not going to be excessively susceptible to sickness if you let him stay at home even if you’re away. Even so, you have to find the right sitter for the job. You need to hire somebody whom you can trust with your home and pet when you’re not around.

How to Choose the Right Pet Sitter

Choosing the right pet sitter is essential for your pet’s security, health, and safety. Essentially, they’ll make your home safe, too. If you’re planning to hire a sitter soon, here are some tips on how to hire the best pet sitter in Greeley Colorado.

1. Ask for references.

Finding the right pet sitter starts by getting references from friends, family members, neighbors, dog trainers, and veterinarians. These are the best sources of pet sitters. You can also look for pet sitting organizations in your area. You may also search online and contact them.

2. Check their training and qualifications.

When interviewing a prospective pet sitter, don’t forget to ask about his or her past experience. Ask what kinds of animals he or she has taken care of. It will also help if the sitter has undergone special training. If your pet has any behavioral problems or special needs, it’s necessary to find a sitter that will be comfortable with that and can handle the situation.

3. Know if they’re bonded and insured.

Insurance and bonds are necessary because it protects you in the event that there’s an accident in your household. The pet sitter must be able to provide written proof of commercial general liability insurance. He or she should also be bonded to protect you against theft.

4. Inquire about how they intend to communicate.

How would you communicate with the pet sitter during your time away? Most pet sitters will regularly send details about the pet’s attitudes, mood, and eating habits. Others will ease your mind by sending digital images and regular text messages.

5. Learn about their rates and other services.

It’s necessary that you and the pet sitter are on terms when it comes to fees and schedules. How many visits would you want them to do every day and how much are you going to pay for each? Will the pet sitter spend the night in your home? Is he or she expected to clean up the house and do other tasks like throwing the garbage and watering the plants? Can the pet sitter handle emergency cases and will he or she be able to wait for you until you get home without abandoning your pet?