Dan Baker, celebrity hairstylist

Women will always take care of their hair and provide the best possible treatment to help it grow shiny, healthy and long, and that’s what Dan Baker realized when he started this business. Fresh out of college, he went to an academy for professional style design and met there his future business partners. The training course lasted for two years, where he learned the latest techniques and used the most advanced products, which later helped him apply his knowledge on real clients.

post1aDan met four amazing people at the academy, and they decided to start a business together. At first, it was a small hair salon in their hometown, but considering that they lacked customers, they decided to move to a bigger city. The only city that could provide them outstanding business opportunities was Los Angeles, but back then, they never dreamed they would become famous and start working with influential names. When they came to Los Angeles, the things were a little bit rough, this is a vast city, and it takes a lot of time and effort to break through the market and someone to notice you. But, they did the only thing they could, provide absolutely the best service, with a lot of attention and care.

post1bConsidering that Dan founded this salon five years ago, he and his team have managed to accomplish a lot. Ever since they moved to LA, the number of their clients have been growing by the day, but that’s only because Dan provided an impeccable service. Every woman who leaves his salon leaves it with a smile and a new hair that can match the latest trends. He recently started working with many celebrities, and almost every woman in LA has heard about Dan Baker is his remarkable skills.

Anything you imagine, Dan and his team can make it happen. You would think that this service is expensive, but you are wrong. Depending on what needs to be done with your hair, Dan has created various affordable programs which will help every woman reach his services. If you are still thinking about visiting his salon, just remember that he has been fixing hairs for some biggest names in Hollywood. Another great thing about this salon is that provides an opportunity to average people to be able to afford their services. So, no one will rip you off, or charge for something that isn’t done.

Regarding the future projects, the hair salon will go through some significant changes. First of all, they will be hiring more people, since the number of customers is growing. Dan will start with the training courses, which will be dedicated to young individuals who would like to learn this business. His team will continue working on the promotion of the salon and expanding their boundaries.

If you are still not convinced whether to visit Dan’s salon, then just check out its location, talk to friendly people down there, and you will know what decision to make.